5 Powerful Instagram tips

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It was just announced that Instagram has 120 million monthly active users and with this potential exposure for your company or brand, it would be a shame to miss this opportunity as Instagram nowadays present one of the most widespread social platforms. But how to attract real instagram followers to like your profile and interact?

1. Add the Instagram icon on your other social networks – Many people will not even know that your brand or company has a presence on Instagram, so add the icon to your web page or to your Facebook profile or blog with a link to your Instagram! That will for sure increase the number of your followers.You can choose the icon you want for your page, with a basic “cut and paste”, but good advice is to be little creative, it usually helps.
2. Like photos of other users and leave comments – Give “Like” to photos of other users and leave comments! Other users will visit your Instagram profile and start to follow you. Leaving comments will also increase the visibility of your Instagram photos. Do not forget – interact and behave like a human! Start by giving “I like you” on popular pages without looking to hastags related to your business niche! Start to interact with people who are more likely to start following you and start some kind of interaction with them.

3. Upload photos consistently – As usual, consistency is the key to success! Posting few pictures per day will be the perfect dose for your audience. To go further, try to keep a consistency in the aesthetics of your photos. (The most popular filters are Lo-Fi, X-Pro II, Amaro, and Hudson although half of the photos in Instagram have no filters). You can use Diptic, or some other applications to add significant value to your images.
4. Follow your followers  – If some of your followers on other social networks have Instagram profile, follow them too. They probably already know you and will follow you back. Instagram has the “Suggested Users.” Follow them because you probably have common interests, so you can interact with them and they will start to follow you also.

5. Share your photos other networks – When you upload a photo, Instagram lets you to share them on other social networks. You can share your photos automatically on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and Foursquare. Use this option and you will drastically increase number of your Instagram followers.

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Clash of Clans Beginners Guide

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Clash of Clans is very addictive game that is for sure. It is not easy to grasp the right strategy and be competitive in the game. If you just started to play this game, we created perfect begginers guide for you to start. Prepare your troops for awesome game!0111

When you start to play Clash of Clans you will be offered to complete tutorial at the beginning of the game, If you are really new to this game and strategy games we recommend you  to complete this tutorial, but pay attention to one important thing – do not spend gems on finishing production. Gems are the most important items in the game, everything in the game is revolving around ?Gems. Clash of Clans is designed on such way because the primary goal is to force you to buy Gems for real money. There are some excellent ways how you can skip this by collecting free gems. One of such ways is to save Gems from tutorial for some later use. You can Finnish tutorial without any problems by waiting for little longer, but you will have more Gems in your pockets, and can use them for some important structures.For additional Gems you may check coc hack online and fill your pockets!0110

At the beginning of the game you will get three days protection in a form of special Shield. It will protect you from other players and you should use this time to build your base. Start with builing mines, storages and walls. Your first army in the game is very important, because it will be your innitional way of collecting resources with raiding. At the beginning of the game try to create solo Barbarian army, it is simply great! Another option is o create combination of Barbarians and Archers. It is very simple, but very efficient army that will be extremely useful at the beginning of the game,


Another important point that you should pay attention to is not to level too fast. What I meant is not to upgrade yout Town Hall too fast, let you develop your structures and collect your resources. Also, when you level up, never create army made f most expensive troops, always create army made of lower level troops. They are less expensive and on long run it will be your greatest strategy to becoming good player in Clash of Clans.  Those were some of beginners tips and tricks for new players.For additional tips check Clash of Clans Online Facebook page. Just practice and you will become expert Clash of Clans player.

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Air Defense Tips in Clash of Clans

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With latest patch and update, Clash of Clans placed attention to air attacks with appearance of level 5 Dragons in the game. Therefore, we decided to give short overview about Air Defense Tower that will help you to create solid defense line against Dragons of all kinds. There is nothing more effective in the game that can protect your base from air attacks then Air Defense Tower, and you should definitely agree that this is one of the most important structures in the entire game. Remember, it has the highest amount of DPS of any other Tower in the game and what is very important, it has very very long range of attack. It is therefore extremely important, almost essential for protecting your base from Dragons and Healers in the game.

It is probably the only Tower in the game that deals great amount of damage from start, so even level 1 Air Defence Tower is a solid structure that can protect your base. It is however very important to place your Tower to best possible spot to create solid defense. The major role of this Tower is to take down Dragons and Healers in the game, without Air Defense Towers, base would be vulnerable to aerial attacks.  But, as everything in Clash of Clans, Air Defense Tower has its weakness. Obviously, it’s biggest weakness is inability to shoot at ground targets. The solution to this problem is to spread your Air Defence Towers to prevent any sniping!Another solution for a lack of resources in the game is Clash of clans cheats that can give you necessary funds for your upgrades.323Also, be sure to protect them with some ground based Towers, like Cannons. When you reach Town Level 8, it is ideal to create some kind of triangle by placing Air Defence Towers at the angle of each corner. Such placement will make solid defense against Mass Dragon Attack. Pay attention never to place Air Defense Tower together, because they are vulnerable to Lighting Spell. If you place them together, enemy can take down your Air defensive Towers with few hits, usually two or three Lightening Spells are enough to take down Air Defense Tower.  Regarding upgrade priority, be sure to upgrade your Air Defense Towers as soon as you can. Major reason for this is long upgrade time, so you need to start your upgrading pre3cess as early as possible.


Air Defense Tower is one of the most important elements in creating successful defense line in Clash of Clans. If you place them well, you will be able to, finally, take down those pesky Dragons!

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Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture PS 4 Review

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Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is new horror survival game for Playstation 4 that you can play with free psn codes and get a nice dose of scary entertainment. At the heart of this game is the strange and fascinating mystery! In everybody’s gone to the Rapture you’re dropped into a little English village a lovely town that for some reason is completely empty of people, every living soul has disappeared and now it’s up to us to wonder the world and find out what exactly took place here?


There isn’t a second quest or path and there is no one around to tell you where to go! So, curiosity is your greatest ally in this game! If you see something interesting you just need to walk up and see what you can learn. Throughout the game you will find these odd floating balls of light that when touched reveal a piece of the world that once existed. The game tells a very real story of love and loss and  each new piece adds to a larger story about what happened to the village. The environment itself seems to be the biggest character in the story. Vacant cities set such an interesting tone and the ability to walk into random houses. You just need to listen the radio in order to unlock the very interesting story piece-by-piece.

09 The biggest problem this game faces is within spacing character walks extremely slow as you go from building to building. You’ll notice in this review we not actually talking about the plot, because honestly that’s the best thing about the game! To actually talk about the story is to talk about the town itself, which you need to explore to experience the game. We really have to praise the developers for this gorgeous world that they’ve built, the graphics are amazing, the sound is truly breathtaking! But, we can honestly say that this game isn’t for everyone! With its slower pacing and heavy attention to detail this is definitely the kind of game that you have to sit down and focus when you play.


Those who are willing to try it out though, are going to have a very interesting time! We are giving Everybody’s gone to the Rapture 8 out of 10! Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is a quality game, especially if you like horror survival games, it will entertain you for some time. Enjoy!

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Midlevel Farming Guide

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It is very important to start from the beginning of the Clash of clans game to farm resources for additional upgrades. At the beginning you can use combination of barbarians and goblins to successfully farm resources or you can use clash of clans hack. When you upgrade your Town Hall to level 3 you can combine two Army Camps and create huge army of barbarians. That is basically, most common early farming strategy in Clash of Clans.

When you upgrade your Town Hall to level 4 you can increase the capacity of your troops to maximum of 80 units. The best possible solution for this level is to stick with barbarians and farm with them. At this level you may be worried with archers or Giants, but you should not be worried at all. Just stick with barbarians. They are much better solution because they do not cost a lot of elixir like Giants. You should also notice that the most opponents will only have one Mortar, so they will be an easy target. When you upgrade your Town Hall to level 5 you can change your strategy. From small Army you will be able to create huge army of 135 units and more than that you will be able to upgrade your barbarians to level 3!

That upgrade will increase their strength and you will be much more effective. When you are deploying your barbarians be careful to deploy them in small ammounts, 10-15 units at once to avoid splash damage catastrophe.Wizard Tower is another problem, and if you cannot to attack the Tower you can simply skip to another player. Some players are using archers or wall breakers at this level, but we can recommend you to use Army entirely composed of Barbarians.When you upgrade Town Hall to level 6 you can add additional units and combine them with your barbarian Army.

The best unit that you can use at this stage are archers combined with wall breakers. Another combination that is very useful is a combination made of Giants, archers, goblins and wall breakers. You can still stick with pure barbarian army and the be successful in the farming. Just to be sure that they are upgraded to the highest possible level. You can also add healing spell to increase survivability of your barbarians. Healing spell can be very useful if you are trying to take down Wizard Tower.

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Q.U.B.E: Director’s Cut Playstation 4 Review

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Q.U.B.E is puzzle adventure with specific taste and atmosphere that will appreciate any Playstation 4 enthusiast. Game will challenge your puzzle-solving skills and it will present you intriguing story. Q.U.B.E is a game available via PSN Code Generator for android, that will impress you with excellent designed levels and thrilling atmosphere. Q.U.B.E. is a game that is quite refreshing for this summer, it is light and shining game opposite to dark puzzle solving games that we are accustomed to play.

It is so refreshing because it is different than the mainstream in a genre. Q.U.B.E. is very simple game, but the gameplay is nevertheless demanding and you will need a lot of thinking to solve certain puzzles in the game. The game offers much more than simple and beautiful graphics. Music and audio in the game are also very nicely done and you will certainly enjoy in excellent atmosphere. The main gameplay or the plot on the game is a very simple, you must place different cubes to create passage to the exit on the level.

At the beginning of the game the levels where is simple, while as you progress in the game they are becoming much more complicated. You will need the sort or kind of cubes according to colour, and it leads to some interesting combinations. The game itself is very relaxing, so you will spend a lot of time simply enjoying in gameplay. At the beginning best scenario may look a little boring, but such simplicity is probably what we need to take a break from fast paced the games that we are all accustomed to play. At the beginning of the game you will try to figure out what happened with you because you will have some kind of amnesia.

Each block is related with similar blocks of the same color, so manipulating blocks opening some interesting combinations that are sometimes quite demanding. You can for example combine the different blocks to create larger blocks and combine different colors to create new ones. At the later stages of the game it will demand a high puzzle solving skills and a lot of thinking.If you are looking for a game that is a little bit different than the mainstream games in the industry, Q.U.B.E: Director’s Cut scenes to be a decent solution. It will give you a break from stress gameplay and it will relax you with nice atmosphere.

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Two Major Photo Instagram Rules

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Literally millions and millions of photos are posted every day on Instagram! If you want to become noticed in such huge, gigantic amount of images in order to promote your self, be sure to have quality photo that can stand a chance to become viral among thousands of others. Do not worry; we will share some of the most important tips and tricks like free followers for instagram that will help you to create a perfect Instagram photo.

Try to understand the basic- Instagram is about photography. Yes, it sounds very obvious, but you will be surprised how many persons are trying to become successful on Instagram, but they do not have any basic understanding of photography! How then they want to become successful? That is simply crazy! First step is to learn about basic things that are required to create good image. You cannot expect to gain visibility and to promote your business with low quality images. That would be almost insane! In this article we will show you the secret of golden and blue hour.
You certainly notice those nice images with soft edges, and you are probably asking your self how they are made?

Well the secret is in proper lighting. Photography is all about lighting and shadows, if you know how to arrange those things you will be able to create amazing photos. You should understand basic rules of lighting and shadows in photography. The best images are usually taken in certain period of the day, in so called golden and blue hour. The best time to take your photos is during sunrise and sunset, when the sun is creating soft and tender shadows. Shooting under direct sunlight in the noon would create sharp edges and strong shadows on your model or object therefore try to organize your sessions in early morning or at sunset. Another trick that you can use is to shoot always with sun behind your back.

The shadows will be soft and tender and your photo will simply look perfect. If you are about to shoot indoors, be sure to use soft box or other source of soft light. During your session concentrate on quality, choose right focus, set manually ISO value and plan your image in advance. Instagram is nowadays overcrowded with photos, there are hundreds of images posted every hour! If you want to be successful and stand out from such mess, you should concentrate on developing high quality of images.

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